Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I need help hemming jeans

Okay, it is the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year in our home. I'm here. Rather than hemming my kids' new jeans for this school year or making capris out of their old ripped jeans, I'm here. I have tons of fabric which I carefully purchased througout the summer to work into fine pieces of art for our home, but have not yet started on those projects. I'm choosing to be here right now rather than doing anything else. I spent the past 5 hours shampooing the carpet in our house. It looks great. All the summer dirt is gone from the floor of our house. What a major accomplishment that was!!

My story is interesting today. I have about 7 new pairs of jeans for my kids which need to be hemmed. I love my sewing machine and only use it for quilting. My sewing machine is soooo special to me that I am actually afraid to use it on fabrics as heavy as denim. I purchased Heat-n-Bond at a friend's suggestion, but then another friend told me not to use it because she says that 'after two washings it comes off'. So far, I've done nothing to shorten the kids' new pants, but folded and stacked them neatly. Any home remedies out there to cure my problem and settle my fear. Our local seamstress charges $12 a pair to hem and, frankly, I am not in a position to shell out all those beans!!

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